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Sometimes when you need to get some homework done, you need to play tacky piano covers. Loud and Proud, baby.

Today, I lit two waffles on fire.

Today, I saw a girl walking down the street with a chainsaw.

Day 2

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Today’s Dilemma:

Knowing full well what happened to the last group of women who consumed moldy nuts (they went damn near insane and were burned at the stake), I remain faced with the decision of whether or not to throw out this bag of expired walnuts or give in to my college frugality and waste-not…

Worth it. No shame.

Making changes in my life to become more positive and happy. I’ve decided that today is day 1. Going to read this book of positive quotes and graphics and post one a day that moves me in some way

This story is one of looking on the brightside and finding the purpose in tasks that seem meaningless.

When I was in my second semester of college, I realized that I didn’t want to have to rely on my parents for money. My habits of irresponsible spending weren’t going to lead to the life I wanted to live. I wanted to have my own money and needed to get a job. I applied to a handful of places on campus, but only heard back from one, Campus Catering. Upon getting the job and realizing what it entailed, I became a bit turned-off by the whole idea. I felt as though getting a job in the food service industry was going to make people look down on me. I was going to have to serve people. Regardless, I put on my white shirt and black tie and found myself carrying trays and filling glasses. I have worked as a caterer on my college campus since February of my freshman year. I am now a Junior. I have learned many valuable skills that I would have otherwise never been exposed to.

All of my months of catering lead me to one point in my life (the subject of this picture). I was in Ireland on a two week trip with a friend from college. We were walking down the street on our way from a bar at an hour where the only people on the streets are either drunk or up-to-no-good. As we reached a porch, a man walks down the steps and approaches us. He is dressed up fully in a suit, with everything in neat order, but seemed to be missing an essential part of his costume: his tie. When he was a few steps in front of us, he asked if we knew how to tie a tie. Now, to many people this would seem a weird inquiry.

Had I not had a few hard ciders absorbing in my stomach, I probably would have walked briskly past this man and tried to pretend as though this stranger was not trying to engage us in conversation. Being in my current state though, I took a second to evaluate the situation. At the thought of doing up a tie, I was instantly taken back to my job as a caterer. Having had to tie a black silk tie over my white work button-up shirt for the four previous semesters, this was my chance. This was my chance one to show off my acquired skill. This is what the countless hours spent adjusting ties had given me the opportunity to do.

So, without thinking, I tied my practice perfected Windsor knotted tie. In a moment of perfect judgement, I quickly grabbed my camera and asked to take a picture to immortalize the event. This is what you are seeing in the picture; this stranger with the tie that I tied for him.

This may be a stretch, but I use this story to help myself get over the anguish I feel when doing something that I don’t want to do. Had it not been for the plethora of shifts that I worked in a tie for catering, I would have not had this story and picture.

So I bought a flask today at Wal-Mart (classy bitch over here) and I’ve been trying to take the sticker off for like the last 20 minutes. This is my progressThis shouldn’t be this difficult! I am also tried to use my pocket knife and scratch my flask. FUCK. Homework has now taken a backburner until this is done. Shameless.


The first post of many to come from Sam and Kerri. Stay tuned for all of our lifestyle basics! :)